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RMT FPL, TFF, etc.

Postby Schlocky » Sun Jul 29, 2018 5:07 am

FPl I've never finished inside the top 50k.
52,534th was my best finish and that was last season.
Below is my first draft and you can see why I've never cracked the top 50k :lol:

Begovic 4.5 good fixtures to rotate with Hennessy and cheap
Hennessy 4.5 see above
Daniels 4.5 cheap good fixtures
Bertrand 5.0 good fixtures, should score a ton
Ward 5.0 good fixtures, Europa may be a distraction? his place in my team is at risk
Tarkowski 5.0 same as above
Keane 5.0 good early fixtures this time around and got a preseason under his belt although everton don't do cs
Salah 13.0 expensive but how can you not pick him?
Sane 9.5 will hit the ground running, expecting big points
Milovojevic 6.5 good fixtures, feets would have had him
Richarlison 6.5 good fixtures, got him in the cross hairs though. spot in my team at risk
Stephens 4.5 never heard of him
Kane 12.5 never scores in August but fk it, he's in my starting 11
Zaha 7.0 good fixtures. risky pick and might not be in my team come GW1 KO
Tosun 7.0 good fixtures, could get off to a flyer


no Jota yet :Bandwagon:

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